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Union representation is, and has been, the mainstay of Asher, Gittler & D’Alba, Ltd. since its inception. The collective bargaining agreement represents the gold standard among workers’ rights initiatives. No other initiative offers the kind of protection, security, and stability that can be achieved through collective bargaining. And no other vehicle can achieve the level of fairness and equity that employees are entitled to receive than a collective bargaining agreement. 

We represent many different public and private sector labor unions that operate in a wide range of employment settings. Our union clients represent employees working in retail, food and hospitality service outlets, the building trades, trucking and warehouse industries, protective services (police and fire), manufacturing, state and local education systems, the healthcare industry, and a wide variety of public service positions. 

Our firm represents labor unions in most every aspect of their operation.  Our labor work generally consists of handling contract disputes, discipline and discharge cases, contract negotiations, unfair labor practice proceedings, interest arbitrations, and assisting unions with organizing campaigns and representation cases.  Many times we are called to counsel our clients concerning internal union governance issues and government compliance issues.  We also frequently serve as local counsel for a number of international unions.

We are frequently called to advise our clients concerning legislative initiatives advanced at the state and local levels.  This kind of work has required us to draft, edit or review legislative proposals that implicate our clients’ interests.  In fact, one of our attorneys played a significant role in drafting the Illinois Public Labor Relations Act, Illinois’ labor law.

We also run member, steward and/or officer trainings concerning legal developments or areas of the law that are germane to our clients’ interests.  Our firm is committed to staying abreast of developments in the law and in ensuring that our clients are aware of them as well.

Central to our firm's philosophy is the belief that working people should have a meaningful opportunity to weigh in on the economic decisions that affect their lives and their families.  In our view, that is best done with the assistance of an effective collective bargaining representative, and our labor attorneys will continue to work tirelessly in the interests of serving that end.



As indicated in our disclaimer, the representations contained herein and throughout this web site are for informational purposes only and should not be taken or relied upon as legal advice.

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