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  June 24, 2024

Asher, Gittler & D'Alba attorney Naomi Frisch appears on this week's episode of NELA Illinois's "Employee to Lawyer" podcast. Naomi joins Amit Bindra and Max Barack to talk about her practice as a labor and employment attorney, with a focus on the work she has done with individual musicians, musicians' unions, and other musician-related labor organizations and groups. She also discusses some of the similarities and differences between representing musicians and other union members, and some of the basics of collective bargaining. The full podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or at the NELA Illinois website


Joel D'Alba Interviewed in Super Lawyers Illinois Magazine

  January 28, 2022

An interview with Joel D'Alba was featured in the 2022 print edition of Super Lawyers Illinois magazine. Joel talked about his passion for photography and shared a photo he took of beloved labor icon Scabby the Rat. Read the full article online.

Naomi Frisch Interviewed on "Let's Get Legal" Radio Program

  November 14, 2021

Asher, Gittler & D'Alba attorney Naomi Frisch appeared on WGN's "Let's Get Legal" radio program, hosted by Jon Hansen. Naomi talked about her background as a professional musician, and how she now balances her legal career as an advocate for workers' rights with her continuing career in music, including her role as principal oboist for the Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra. The interview aired on November 13, 2021, and is now available online.  

Unions Tell NLRB That Inflatable Rat Display Is Free Speech

  November 27, 2020

Joel D'Alba and Susan Matta were mentioned in an article on Law360 titled "Unions Tell NLRB That Inflatable Rat Display is Free Speech." The article discusses briefing filed by Mr. D'Alba and Ms. Matta on behalf of the Illinois AFL-CIO, the Chicago Federation of Labor, and the Chicago and Cook County Building & Construction Trades Council, in a case before the National Labor Relations Board challenging unions' use of a large inflatable rat, known as "Scabby the Rat," during pickets and labor disputes. The unions' briefing argues that "Scabby" is an important symbol for the labor movement, and that the peaceful use of this symbol during labor disputes is protected free speech. Read the full article on the Law360 website.



  May 19, 2020

Margaret Angelucci was mentioned in a Chicago Daily Law Bulletin article titled "Emails to lawyer stay privileged." The article discusses Judge Matthew Kennelly's opinion in a race and sex discrimination lawsuit brought by a law professor against DePaul University. In its opinion, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois ruled that the professor did not waive her attorney-client privilege by using the University's email system to communicate with her attorney. Read the full article on the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin website.

Matt Pierce quoted in chicago daily law bulletin article on age discrimination case AGAINST vILLAGE

  May 14, 2020

Matt Pierce was quoted in an article discussing Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman's decision in an age discrimination lawsuit against the Village of Alsip. In its decision, the the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois denied the Village's motion for summary judgment and allowed the Plaintiff, a former 911 dispatcher for the Village, to proceed to trial on her claims. Read the full article on the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin website.

Marvin Gittler Interviewed in CHicago Lawyer Article, "Mediators seek peace Amid Labor Wars"

  February 1, 2013

Marvin Gittler discusses his representation of the Chicago Federation of Musicians during the one-day musicians strike at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in 2012, as well as the role of mediators in resolving disputes that arise during union contract negotiations. Read the full article at the Chicago Lawyer website.

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