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Individual Employment Agreements

Many do not realize that without the benefit of a union agreement, or an individual contract of employment, employees have very few rights in the workplace. Nonetheless, employees who are not members of a union can have the security of an employment agreement. We help our clients draft agreements that are favorable to them. We will negotiate with their employers to have the best possible terms in the final employment contract. We will also review employment contracts written by employers to make sure they are fair and reasonable to our clients.

Employment agreements may cover a wide variety of topics. Job title and duties, term of employment, paid time off, and compensation are examples of common provisions. Provisions outlining the circumstances under which termination must be for cause, provisions dealing with terminations without cause, and remedies available to employees who are terminated in breach of the parties’ contract are also typical of these agreements. Depending on your job, there can be special liability concerns that should be addressed by these agreements, particularly if you are a licensed professional. Additionally, an employer may also utilize a non-compete or non-solicitation provision to control what you do long after your term of employment expires. We can help you sort through these and other issues that may arise when reviewing and negotiating an employment agreement.

To be sure, we understand the excitement that can come with a new job or position. We fully appreciate that in these times, good work and job security can be incredibly hard to find. While it may be tempting to sign off on whatever your new employer puts in front of you, we encourage you to contact us to ensure that your interests remain front and center.


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